College Dudes Video – Back It Up

Another fresh week and time for everyone to check out a brand new college dudes update here just like usual. We have quite the naughty and juicy video today as well for you to see since we promised you one last time again didn’t we? well again it involves these studs as they take their time to break in another new guy to the dorm and having tons of fun while at it as well. Let’s just sit back and check out more incredible action going down with them as you will get to enjoy quite the juicy video featuring horny college dudes fucking passionately and hard for your enjoyment just as per usual. So let the show hit the road and let’s watch it!

As the video starts, you can watch them showing off and stroking their cocks until they get a turn to fuck that ass, and you can watch the new guy moaning loudly as he takes it in the ass in every position today too. See him fucked doggie style, missionary and all others and enjoy the superb view that you get of the whole thing. As you know, we always aim to bring you the best of the best and make this place your number one go to spot when you need to see some superb and hard style gay action too. And we think we succeeded for the most part so far. Anyway, enjoy the video and do check out the past scenes as well for more updates!

Watch here these guys taking turns on fucking the new guy!


College Dudes Video – Balls Deep

Hey there guys and gals, and welcome as always. Here we are with the promised college dudes scene that we hinted at that you can enjoy today. And the special treat of course is a video as you can observe and be sure that it is packed full with studs getting to be kinky with one another on cam. So let’s waste no time and see what’s in store for you with it today and you can check it all out only here. Well let’s get to see a traditional and classy orgy that you have gotten to see in past scenes too for example, but with some all new hunks getting wild in it. It’s quite the kinky college dudes gathering too. So let’s not delay and get started with it!

The video starts to roll and you can see his blonde guy getting on his knees as all the other studs start to align neatly for him too. He gets to orally satisfy them first and all of them are eager to get their dicks wet between those juicy lips of his. See the blonde guy taking a nice and long time to suck everyone’s meat today and only when he’s done with that, he gets to bend over for them to take it in the ass too. He made sure that all of the studs were happy before he was and that takes dedication. Well, enjoy watching him in a superb gangbang for the afternoon and come by again next week for more just like always. We’ll have another video for you at KristenBjorn!

Watch here these horny college guys fucking one another!


The New Guy

Well, by the way the title sounds, you can pretty much know what to expect in this college dudes meet up this afternoon. The group has a new guy coming in this fine day today and they aim to have their fun with him as well. Let’s get to take the chance to see some incredible group fucking sessions yet again going down for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment as a green horn gets to have his hole stretched and his capability to suck cock tested in this scene today while he gets to play with the rest of the college dudes around the living room. In a very very kinky way of course. So let’s get the show rolling without any more delays!

There were of course, guys around all prepared with cameras to catch the glorious session unfolding and have it recorded but they were of no consequence. So watch the new guy putting his cock sucking skills to the test first and you can see him getting around to suck those cocks with a passion and make them rock hard. Then he gets fucked from both ends, his ass and mouth as well as he continues with the studs that he is accompanied by and you can enjoy quite the nasty show. See him double fucked all afternoon long today and come back again soon for even more amazing and new updates with horny studs like this. And we’ll have some surprises in store for you too!


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The Chaser

This week’s all new and all fresh college dudes session has some incredible group action that you just have to see and be sure that it pretty much follows the traditional formula of having lots of guys fuck one dude in the ass without delay. How did this came to be? well, that’s a good question. But the answer is quite simple really. They decided to have a party and after they got a tad buzzed it seems they also got very very horny and kinky too. So take your time to check out the college dudes fuck fest that we have for you all today and feast your eyes upon a glorious and juicy scene with lots of ass fucking and cock sucking going down!


This insane and juicy college gangbang, was caught on camera by the other guys that didn’t really feel like participating, so you can be sure that they were going to have this thing immortalized forever. Anyway, the star attraction of this scene, is the guy with the green can that seems to be the one getting all the attention from the others. See him sit back and bend over on the couch so that guys may take turns to fuck his round ass. And while that’s going on, you can see him offering oral service to the other studs as well as he sucks them off too. Great scene with everyone in it that you just need to see today guaranteed and without fail!

Watch here this insane college gangabang!


College Dudes Sloppy Seconds

Well well well. Guess what we have for you here today? hmm? well we bring you of course a college dudes classy scene of course, but we do have some changes in this gallery. Today you get to see only two studs playing with one another for a change in pace and we think that you’ll adore checking it all out today as well. The thing is that there was quite a nice and big fuck fest earlier today with more guys, but it seems that these two just didn’t have enough and just had to have some seconds for their full course sex session. Anyway, let’s get right to it and check out a brand new pair of hot and sexy college dudes in action today.

Well as soon as this one starts off, you can tell that the guys were all ready and prepped to have some naughty times together as they lock the door to their room behind them, since they don’t want to be disturbed from their sex session by anyone else. See this guy taking a seat on his desk and you can watch him spreading his legs for his buddy as the latter penetrates his ass once more with his thick cock. See him fucking his buddy missionary in the ass today and enjoy them doing it until they both blow their loads. The fucked guy on himself and the other in ht former’s nice round ass. So enjoy the gallery and we’ll see you next week again!


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College Gang Bang

Another fresh week and time to see wild college dudes partying hard this afternoon. And by party hard of course, we mean them getting to have some more juicy and hot gay fuck sessions with one another on camera. This time however, there is a freshman in the mix and you know the drill. He has to learn the hierarchy here and the needs of the other studs, so he gets to have the honor to be on the receiving end of some nice and big cocks this afternoons as some hot guys take turns to plow his ass. Let’s get that show started and see this stud bending over for his college dudes today and you can enjoy another great anal session!

The show starts with the guys making sure that this guy is nice and relaxed, so first order of business is to play some beer pong and also make sure that he leaves his inhibitions behind too. Before you know it, he’s fully on board with the whole getting ass fucked thing and you can see him bending over as he leans against the wall and allows the other guys to come in and repeatedly give his tight ass a good stretching with their cocks today as he gets to moan in pleasure and take that ass penetration in turns by them. Have fun with the guy and his scene here and as usual come back next time. There’s going to be new fuck scenes ready for you!

Enjoy watching this horny college guy fucking this freshman!


College Dudes Sketchy Sex

This week’s college dudes scene arrives just in time for you to check out at the start of this fresh week and we know you’ve been waiting for it to arrive forever now. It has what you love seeing once again of course and we bet that you’ll just adore what we have to show you in this brand new one here. Well, this time there’s no new guy getting it in the ass, but a really horny guy, that has tons of experience and he gets to have the privilege to be the man slut for the rest of his fuck buddies in this juicy scene here. Let’s take the time to check it out and have fun with the sight of it and we know you’ll just end up wanting to see more of these college dudes.

And if the past is of any indication, you know for sure that you will without fail. So let’s get to take the time and see this slutty stud spread his legs on the sofa as he lays on his back as the show starts. Then you can see guys coming in and taking turns to fuck him in the ass, deep, slow, fast and pretty much every way possible that you can think of as well. Of course, he just adores it and if it were up to him, he’d have them plowing his ass all day today. But they do have other duties to take care of as well. Anyway, be sure that this guy got to let every guy be satisfied and he was very much so as well after getting his fill of jizz up the ass as well!


Check out this poor guy getting his ass pounded!


Ride The Cock

Today’s scene is here and it’s all ready for you, showing off even more hot college dudes getting in on some juicy and hot action with one another without delay. Again we get to bring you a threesome as it’s just too good to skip over and you must simply see what went down in this one without fail. This is undoubtedly one of the juiciest and best threesomes that we ever caught on camera and there’s no way you can pass up the chance to see this hot trio of college dudes getting funky with one another for the afternoon. So just enjoy it fully and let’s get the show on the road today!


It takes place in the room of the guy that gets to take it from both ends today as his buddies were ready play with him. So sit back and check out a naughty scene with them getting to play in his bed. You can see him sliding one dude’s cock in his ass as he rides on top of it, and meanwhile, he gets to suck the guy in the blue shirt off as well. Take your time to see the guy double fucked all throughout the afternoon this fine day and make sure that you check it all out. It also ends with the guy covered in jizz as well when the other two nut. So have your fun and come back next week for another new and hot gallery with even more horny gay guys!

Take a look at this poor guy getting his mouth ad ass stuffed!


College Dudes Orgy

Hey there again everyone. We’ve returned this week with another new college dudes scene for you and you can be sure that it’s as kinky and juicy as usual too. This scene has a passionate fuck with two guys that get to go wild in their room and you get prime access to their whole gallery of shenanigans for this afternoon. Let’s sit back and enjoy the view of it as there’s nothing better than seeing two horny hunks showing off each and every way they like to fuck on camera for you. So without  further due, let’s get that college dudes show started and waste no time as we bet you’re all eager to get to see the juicy and hot scene unfold this afternoon!

Right as soon as the cameras roll, the action begins with the two and there’s some nice views of them kissing and caressing as well. that foreplay continues with them deciding who’s on the receiving end. And once that’s settled you can see that particular guy getting around to suck and slurp on the other’s cock with a passion to lube it nicely for his own ass of course. So watch him taking it deeply in that tight ass we mentioned and you can see him moan as he gets a hard style anal pounding from his buddy throughout the whole afternoon scene here today. We’ll bring you some more new updates soon, so stay tuned and make sure not to miss them!


Pretty Boy

Hey there guys! we bring you more naughty and juicy college dudes today that get to play with one another. We know how much you enjoy seeing these guys getting to be wild with one another and we figured it would be the perfect time to show off another threesome that goes down this afternoon. It was almost a foursome but it seems that the guy in the back was a tad too not in the mood so he just settled for playing the arcade machine there while these college dudes got to have some kinky fun. So let’s get this week’s show rolling and check out another brand new and hot gallery with hot guys that get to fuck one another nice and hard.


Well like we said, this ended up bring a nice threesome and they were going to take their time to have fun with one another too. The reason that only these guys are around, is that they have the day off today from courses and everyone else doesn’t. So since they were left on their own for the afternoon they just decided to have as much fun as they could with one another without restraint. So take your time to see the freshman getting it once more in this scene, and you can watch him sucking one dude’s cock while the other eats his ass for a while. After that, the real anal fucking begins and it carries on for quite a nice and long while as well. Enjoy it and see you next time!

Take a look at this freshman getting banged for the first time!